Now on to driving

It’s done … and I’m still in shock.  A lot of fear for the new commitments mixed with the excitement of new technology and green-ness.  I’m now the proud leasee of a 2013 Nissan Leaf AND a 2014 Chevy Volt.  (heaven help me when both leases expire at once)


Anyway, I’ve driven a little bit in each and I couldn’t be happier with the cars themselves.  When I let myself think about it I get scared about the range on the Leaf.  It’s a scary proposition to have a car that has a set limit as to how far it can go in a stretch.  (although to be completely honest, the Massachusetts boy that I was raised to be still has trouble wrapping my head around the idea that there could be much to do beyond 40 miles — I’m in California now, where 40 miles barely gets you to the next county.)  However I just need to remind myself that’s what the Volt is for.


So I’ll keep trying things out and as I hit snags or joys I’ll try my best to remember to note them here!  And of course, pictures to come soon!!!!

Decisions Decisions

Going from a home with no car payments and taking the plunge into possibly buying 2 brand new electric vehicles.  It’s nerve-wracking!!!  However all will be decided in the coming days.  Buy 1 new car and deal … buy 2 new cars and tighten the belt … how to charge … what to do …


I’ll keep you updated on the journey … and decisions!